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What is Pretty Girl Privilege?

Welcome to PGP Blog

By: NiaNicole | update 5/20/2022

Hello Pretty Girl! When I say 'Pretty', I say it as Action. 'Pretty is what pretty does'. You probably have heard the expression before. Being attractive will not determine the goodness of your heart or how kind you are. I use this saying to break the stigma of being socially attractive.

I am a Pretty Brown girl born in the southern states and raised north east. I guess I can call myself pretty since that's what I am told. Trust me, I have seen my share of beautiful women, most of the time their inside doesn't match the out. At a young age I heard 'Pretty is as Pretty does' , so much that I truly believe being pretty is a from of action: How you carry yourself, The things you value, Having power in your uniqueness. Being Pretty on the inside is who makes me what I am today.

Don't get me wrong! "Pretty Privilege" is a Real Thing! Some women can be showered in praise or spoiled with materials just because of how attractive she can be. Currently, social society is eating the phrase up and excluding some women when women privilege is something we should stand in together.

Gaining my Career Job in a pharmacy, moving back home from college, starting to drive alone, I was faced with a bunch of change. In 2020, I wasn't feeling my prettiest. Life can be tough some times so I decided to focus on all the good I have endured. Pretty Girl Privilege ! I've been developing this brand to give myself a voice and also connect women to stand together. Welcome again to a "Pretty Girl" Blog. The Girl stands for You !



A 'Pretty Girl' Blog

Creating this blog while I am in a transitional point in life. Hoping to gain confidence and support as I continue to grow into the women I want to be. PGP is housing so many projects created to uplift women, the Blog is open for all points of view. I will be giving out relatable content for women, Girl talk that encourages open discussion. Topic include but not limited to: Self Love, Home life, Work Life, Fashion, Self- Esteem, Current Events, Local Thingz, and Reviews.

Are you a 'Pretty' Girl ?

Remember, 'Pretty is what Pretty does' ! PGP doesn't care how attractive you seem on the outside. Girl, let the pretty shine from within! Think about what makes you a Pretty Girl with out looking in the Mirror... list those things out loud, and comment those thoughts. After all we are here to start a community for all women not just the prom queens.

Share this post with a Pretty Girl ! Comment if YOU are a Pretty Girl ! And Stay Connected.

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