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Tips to Finish your Spring Cleaning in 5 Days

Flowers and Mosquitos are here, that means it is officially time to take the Christmas tree down and replace it with some fresh flowers.

An annual cleaning should take place in your home to freshen up the environment for more to come. Spring cleaning is a tradition most cultures participate in to prepare for seasonal changes. Cleaning takes place to stow away Winter's mess or to rid of any bad luck from the past year. Rather you clean at the beginning of the year or the middle, it a transition of renewal.

It might seem intimidating to tackle and clean a whole house, especially if you think it will happen in a days setting.

Living on my own, in a one bed room apartment, i am starting to notice why this tradition is important. Cleaning one room before heading to the next is ideal, however, it can becoming draining and standpat. I have created this outline of tasks dedicated to unjumble and straighten up your home. This 5 day Spring Cleaning planner is prompt and here to show you how easy it is to achieve your springtime cleaning right in time for the summer.


Finish your Spring Cleaning in 5 days with my Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning planner.

Day One - Hit every room on Day one before getting focused to one area.

  1. Dust in high places and clean cobwebs. ( lights and fans included)

  2. Reorganize closets, donate what isn't useful (pull out Summer clothes & décor)

  3. Disinfect any handles and switches through the house

  4. Remove and wash all curtains, wipe down windows (include peep hole)

  5. Wipe down all Mirrors in the home.

Day Two - Number 2 is dedicated to the bathroom.

  1. Clear and reorganize drawers and cabinets of old medicine, beauty supplies, toiletries, and anything else that lost its purpose over the year.

  2. Disinfect, bleach, and scrub bathtub and shower (check for mold or muck build up)

  3. Mop And Sweep

  4. Wash and Change floor mats and curtains

  5. Scrub and Bleach toilet and Sink

Day Three - Paying attention to the small areas of the home

  1. Use Canned Air to blow any particles or dust that might be trapped behind small creases

  2. Clean and fluff couch cushions and pillows. Clean in-between crevasses of furniture

  3. Mop and Sweep living area, deep clean rugs (Soap & Hot Water bath)

  4. Clean off clutter from drawers, dressers, tables, keepsakes

  5. Finish up any Laundry from Day 2

Day Four - Welcome to the sweet spot, the bedroom

  1. Wash and Change bedsheets (lighter bed set for summer months)

  2. Rotate your mattress and clean under the bed

  3. Vacuum or sweep out bedroom

  4. organize drawers and shelfs

  5. Wipe down electronics with dry rag

Day Five - Lets head to the kitchen !

  1. Load Dish Washer and or hand wash any dishes laying around

  2. Clean and disinfect all appliances and counter tops

  3. Get in the Oven ! Clean it ! scrub oven top

  4. Empty & Defrost Refrigerator to clean

  5. Clean Shelves and cabinets

That's a wrap ! I gave you guys 5 tips over 5 Days to complete your Spring Cleaning! Comment, let me know if these Tips work for you. Share these tips with someone who needs to get started on their spring cleaning.

Once you have that nice clean vibe going, you'll have space for Summer Décor. Let in that sunshine and say Hello to Summer!

xxo Nia Nicole

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