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"Am I Lucky?" Thoughts of The Pretty Girl Coach

HAPPY JANUARY! The journey I started after launching this site has reached its climax. It's getting hot in the kitchen, and I noticed my strength is in my mind. I want to share my thoughts and research for anyone who desires a sharpened outlook for themselves. Those negative thoughts will really catch up to you.... As the year 2023 starts to set, I know it's time to let go of all resentment from the past year and give gratitude for entering in the "NEW" gracefully. The "New" is something to look forward to - New Goals, New Dreams, New Mindset

Maybe not brand new but change and growth is always encouraged.

I am not going to rant or ramble today ... since we know why you're here, let's get straight to it.

Am I Lucky?

The real question is "How do you define luck?" According to Google, Luck is defined as success or failure brought upon you by chance rather one's own actions. I am sure we all heard the superstitions surrounding Good and Bad Luck. (If not feel free to start conversation in the comments) I can remember being the luckiest girl whenever I found a five-dollar bill on the ground, I started to think my luck ran out after not finding any funds laying in the wind. Thats was a chance of luck however, I was 10 years old and naive then. Life isn't hiding any pot of gold out here and we have bigger fish to fry then broken mirrors. Our own actions align us with the chance of luck. I am here to tell you how.

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Building a Lucky Mindset
  1. Are You Lucky? define what lucky looks like for you? What does it mean to you? If you google any known entrepreneur success story, you'll find that they have created luck for their own fortune. Waiting around for chances will lead you to resentment and a negative outlook on potential possibilities.

  2. Are you open minded to available resources? Sometimes change isn't wanted but it's necessary to achieve beyond comfort. Be available to take advantage of all opportunities. Think twice about what you consider as bad luck, make that an opportunity to succeed.

  3. Do you show gratitude and celebrate small wins? Stay optimistic and make the most of what you have where you are. Don't compare your success to the success of others, it will only dim your light. Finding a reason to celebrate can keep you positive and motivated.

  4. Are you positively intentional with your time? Avoid sign ups with no commitment to flourish. Understand your time is valuable, be generous to lending your skills. It is hard to be productive non-stop but that should not stop you from showing up and showing out wherever you go.

Luck will look different for everyone but you can control what is lucky to you. Feeding your mind with positivity can nurture your reactions to the possibilities of life.

Believing and trusting yourself will be the first part to obtaining a lucky mindset.

Check out 4 traits of a lucky person down below

Thanks for Tuning in and reading.

Leave a comment if you are creating your own luck or waiting for your lucky chance.

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