"Pretty is as Pretty Does. When happiness joins the soul, it becomes impossible to hide the pretty in you."

Nia Nicole is a creative entrepreneur, a visual artist, and caretaker who puts an innovative bend on empowerment and self-development. Nia always obtained passion to motivate her peers. As a Young Adult, she’s known for uplifting her community through an affirmational standpoint.
Since 2019, Nia has been developing ways to reach and drive others outside of her community. Spending her time perfecting her person skills and sharing her journey online, Nia is now taking online clients to start living her dream and help others transition into their authentic selves.
Life Coaching aligned to her goal of becoming an art therapist. Since leaving college, Nia has been working as a health care worker in local pharmacies throughout Louisville, KY. Being a bachelor girl in her early 20s, she’s dedicated to her brand and future self.

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